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Starter Package #30 Ft. Classic Army MK16



Other Details

Manufacturer: Classic Army
Model: M4 Mk16 Skirmish AEG
Muzzle Velocity: 340-350 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
Color: Black
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine Warranty Length: 45 Days


  • Version 2 Gearbox
  • Mlok Handguard
  • Nylon reinforced polymer body
  • Rotary hop up unit
  • 6.03mm tight bore barrel
  • Flip up sights

Getting started along side your new Airsoft hobby doesn’t got to magnify your bank account kind of a fat brick of C4! With the Tactical bundle packages, you’ll score a superb set of things for your kit, and be ready for any quite airsoft adventure, from plinking to hitting the field!

This bundle from Tactical includes several items to urge your new hobby kickstarted the right way! Between the Classic Army Mk16 Skirmish AEG, the Gryffon Aerie case, and thus the included BBs, Battery, and charger you’ll have everything you’d wish to start out shooting right in your own backyard, and you’re just a few basic safety equipment away from hitting the world with top tier items that didn’t annihilate your budget!

The Classic Army M4 Mk16 Skirmish Airsoft Rifle could also be a polymer frame automatic electric gun (or AEG) that provides tremendous performance and accuracy, with a slick style that appeals to airsofters of all levels. It features a robustly built gearbox ready to handle the abuse you’re on the brink of put it through, and includes an honest bore barrel out of the box to remain your shots accurate and on target. you’ll customize this gun to your hearts content with scopes and other accessories from Tactical too! The included battery and charger will confirm you’ve everything you’d wish to start out shooting directly.

The entire package is rounded out with A battery, charger, and BBs to remain the guns running, and really immerse yourself into the only outdoor hobby within the world! Snag your Tactical bundle and launch yourself into the amazing world of Airsoft the right way!


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