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ASG CZ Bren A2 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle (Option)



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Manufacturer: ASG

Muzzle Velocity: 395 FPS

Magazine Capacity: 550 Rds

Color: Grey / Two Tone

Material: Metal, Polymer

Package Includes: Gun, Magazine

Inner Barrel Length: 375mm

Connector: Small Tamiya

Quick Spring Change: Yes


  • Direct access quick-change spring guide
  • Spring guide with ball bearing
  • Foldable stock that is adjustable for length
  • Ergonomic grip
  • High cap magazine
  • Removable front and rear folding sights
  • Charging handle and cheek-well can be relocated for left-handed shooters
  • Side-rails are removable if required

Current Stock:

Step into the battlefield of the longer term with the striking and deadly ASG CZ Bren series! ASG have made a reputation for themselves by bringing high performance guns with unique and interesting designs. On top of the gorgeous futuristic design of the Bren line, the internals and features of those rifles are absolutely up to the task.

The CZ Bren rifles feature an aluminum alloy upper receiver and a polymer lower. Both of those materials are constructed extremely well, and therefore the rifle has little to no give, feeling extremely sturdy and light-weight . All models of the Bren are fitted with a monolithic picatinny rail along the highest of the receiver, and extra rails running along the edges and bottom of the front , ensuring you’ve got many space to connect accessories to your heart’s desire. do you have to elect to use the iron sights, ASG has included a flip up polymer front and rear sight, which are both removable. Designed for the fashionable world, the Bren features an ambidextrous fire selector and therefore the charging handle are often moved to either side of the rifle. Pulling on the charging handle will expose the polymer rotary style soup up under the dust cover. counting on your handedness, the cheek rest on the butt stock also can be flipped. The folding, adjustable stock is made from a sturdy polymer, and locks in situ in both settings with little to no movement.

The battery compartment of the Bren is found just ahead of the stock, and while you are doing need to remove the stock to access this compartment, ASG couldn’t have made it easier. Simply begin the rear pin from the receiver, which may be through with no tools, and slide the stock out of rock bottom receiver. This exposes the wiring and battery compartment, and also exposes the rear of the CZ’s gearbox, which is provided with a fast change needle bearing spring guide. this suggests that your springs are often changed without removing the gearbox shell from the body, making the Bren system one among the simplest and quickest to regulate to your fields regulated limits, ensuring you’re never stuck unable to play or compete. The CZ Bren is a tremendous choice for those that want something unique aside from an M4 but can still use M4 style magazines.


Please Note:

  • Battery and charger are NOT included.


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