Spring Rifle Pistons

Amoeba C.P.S.B. Stainless Piston



Other Details

Manufacturer: Amoeba
Model: C.P.S.B. Stainless Piston
Package Includes: Piston

Stainless Steel Tail
Aluminum Body
Smooth Rings
Reinforcement Part

Current Stock:

Fortify your upgrade repose on your Amoeba Striker bolt action precision rifle with reinforced parts. This piston is usually recommended for players looking to push past 450 FPS on the airsoft gun while reducing the probabilities of serious amount of wear and tear and tear. The aluminum body assists in handling the strain from a robust spring. Toward the rear, the sear contact point area is formed out of chrome steel for a rigid and reliable part engagement. This model is meant to figure for the Amoeba Striker series. it’s going to fit other models, but this can’t be guaranteed by Tactical Gun.


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