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Condor Outdoor Cyclone RS Plate Carrier (Option)



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Manufacturer: Condor Outdoor

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Plate carriers often force you to form a difficult choice between protection and mobility. Condor Outdoor has released a fresh plate carrier to assist make that call easier than ever before with the Cyclone RS Plate Carrier!

This innovative new design from Condor combines protection and mobility, without making a sacrifice on either front by utilizing a streamlined design to the plate bag, minimalist protective garment design, and straightforward access pockets to permit for the fitment of ordinary medium sized ESAPI plates. including full MOLLE webbing on the front, back, and cummerbund, you’ll have a light-weight weight vest, that keeps your vitals safe, and kit right where you would like it.

The RS line of products from condor also includes a fresh quick release buckle for straightforward donning and offing of the vest. Located on each side of the cummerbund, also because the front connections for the shoulder straps, you’ll easily get into and out of the vest comfortably after an extended day within the field. this is often also great for emergency situations do you have to got to safely remove the vest to treat an injury, without all the complicated found out or assembly of a standard quick release plate carrier that might use a steel cable or “ripcord”.

Constructed of durable Mil-spec 500 denier Cordura fabric, this high lastingness thread will provide an extended lifetime of durability and use. Order your Cyclone RS today, and intensify your game with Tactical!


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