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Condor Outdoor Tidepool Hydration Carrier (Scorpion OCP)



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Manufacturer : Condor Outdoor

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The Condor Tidepool is one among the few compact hydration carriers on the market. Its compact design is suitable for many plate carriers reducing the additional hang on rock bottom commonly found on other hydration carriers. The Tidepool offers a lower profile also as eliminating and uncomfortable shifting. This hydration carrier is extremely ideal for any operator who prefers a more compact setup.

Condor has finally released this item within the US ARMY’s new service camouflage, Scorpion, referred to as OCP within the soldiers. This transitional camo pattern works incredibly well in multiple environments, supplying you with very effective camo abilities.

Please Note: Because SCORPION maybe our Government Patent, it’s subject to certain export restrictions. This item can only be shipped to domestic destinations within us. All orders sent to invalid locations are going to be canceled.


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