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Fobus Double Mag Pouch Single Stack Paddle Holster (4500P)



Other Details

Manufacturer: Fobus
Model: Double Mag Pouch Single Stack Paddle Holster
Color: Black
Package Includes: One (1) pouch


  • Low profile design
  • Easily concealed
  • Custom retention design
  • Won’t damage magazines

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Fobus is setting the standard for concealed carry. State of the art design, injection molding and high density polymer have created a holster which cannot be duplicated in leather or the opposite material.

The Standard Series could also be a passive retention holster. When un-holstering, do so during a deliberate and rapid upward motion. Silicone spray could even be utilized within the trigger guard area of the holster as how of lowering the extent of retention. Passive retention is automatically engaged upon re-holstering.


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