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UK Arms Dummy Plastic BC Style 141 Tactical Knife (OD Green)



Other Details

Manufacturer: UK Arms
Model: Dummy Plastic BC Style 141 Tactical Knife
Material: Plastic & Rubber
Color: Olive Drab
Weight: 4.7 Oz (W/holster)
Length: 9.0 In. / 4.12 In. (Blade Only)

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Carry around a dummy plastic knife for the sneaky melee hits on the airsoft field. This model has a holster that can easily switch to your right or left hand draw. The holster can be attached on MOLLE so you can have this strapped onto your plate carrier or vest. It is light weight with a rubber construction to keep the overall weight down on your gear.



  • Holster Easily Switches To Left/right Handed Set Up Via Two Screw & Bolts.
  • Designed With Light Weight Plastic And Rubber Material.
  • Great For Training Purposes For Self Defense.
  • Full Seal Closure Holster.
  • Can Be Attached On MOLLE Vest Or Plate Carriers.


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