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Element E1000 Chronograph (Black)



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Manufacturer: Element
Velocity range: 34 to 900+ fps
Rate of fire: 1 to 900+ rps
Dimensions: 2″ h x 6″ d x 2.5″ w
Battery: 4x aaa’s (not included)
Material: abs polymer
Color: black
Package includes: chrono unit, mini tripod, instructions


  • Flip-out LCD display
  • Adjustable modes for 0.20g, 0.25g, and 0.30g bb’s
  • Automatic shutdown times: 5 min, 10 min and 15 min
  • Adjustable backlight: 30 auto-off, always on, and always off
  • Standard 1/4″-20 tripod mounting point
  • .

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The Element E1000 Chronograph is an important tool for those that are into the more technical side of airsoft, or maybe those that want to make sure that their rifles are shooting at legal field limits! This chronograph is made with a black polymer material, with an outsized metal nozzle to align your barrel into. This chronograph has many features to form it useful for any airsoft enthusiast, with adjustable modes for .20g, .25g, and .30g making it easy to chrono different BB weights. The chronograph also comes with a tripod and features a flip LCD screen, making it easy to chronograph with just one set of hands! Chronographs are an important tool for each airsofter to select up, and can be a staple in your arsenal!


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