G-Code Tactical Holster Series

G-Code OSH RTI Beretta M9 w/ Rail/Non-Rail Right Hand Holster (Multicam)



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Manufacturer: G-Code
Model: OSH RTI Holster for Beretta M9 and M9 w/ Rail ( Right Hand )
Color: MultiCam
Package Includes: Holster ONLY


  • High quality durable Kydex construction
  • Adjustable friction lock
  • Designed to never hit the gun’s magazine release button

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As an organization, G-Code has been well-known within the real-steel firearm industry for years, developing high-quality holsters and accessories. they have chosen to use kydex when making their products for its superior strength and sturdiness over standard polymer. they have also addressed the foremost issue of sentimental holsters dropping and losing players’ magazines by developing hard holsters that never hit the magazine release on the player’s pistol. Because their products are made for real steel applications, they’re sure to delay to any abuse that they could experience in an airsoft game. Between their superior build materials, and their experience and knowledge, G-Code is developing a line of holsters and holster platforms that are sure to make a very beneficial addition to any player’s tactical gear lineup. G-Code is additionally 100% made in America, from raw materials to final product.

This G-Code OSH Standard Holster is meant for M9 and M9 w/ Rail airsoft pistols. It features G-Codes superior adjustable friction-lock that’s adjustable to form the proper suit your gun. This holster creates a very sturdy hold with an ergonomically friendly release that’s sure to provide you with an upper hand during a combat situation.

G-CODE’s patent-pending RTI System consists of a secure, quick attach, detach and reattach capability. The system allows the operator to quickly and securely transition the holster or magazine carrier from the leg or belt unit and snap, click and lock at the new location.


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