Tactical Elbow & Knee Pads

Condor Outdoor Knee Pad Insert (Brown)



Other Details

Manufacturer: Condor Outdoor
Model: Knee Pad Insert
Color: Brown
Package Includes: 1x Insert


  • Designed for use with Condor TACTICAL OPERATOR pants
  • High density foam for long lasting durability
  • Protects Knee from impact
  • Reduce Fatigue when kneeling
  • Articulated design for optimal flexibility
  • Simple installation and removal

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The Condor Outdoor protective garment Insert may be a simple accessory that has high-density foam padding that protects your knee against impact. The padding is additionally great for reducing the pressure and pain felt when kneeling on the bottom. it’s a curved design for a versatile and cozy fitment on your knee area. Add this protective garment insert into your Condor Outdoor Tactical Operators pants to require full advantage of your capabilities.


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