Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Lancer Tactical EGLM Launcher Chassis RAS Platform (Black)


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Other Details

Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical
Model: RAS Platform for EGLM Launcher Chassis
Color: Black
Package Includes: RAS Platform


  • Unique Design
  • Rail for Accessories
  • Ergonomic Grip

Lancer Tactical has created a stand alone chassis for those that don’t want to connect their grenade launcher to their airsoft gun. you’ll carry this onto the sector with you as your secondary weapon to modify off to within the time of need. The Lancer Tactical RAS Platform is meant for the Lancer Tactical EGLM Launcher. it’s going to work with other models but, can’t be guaranteed by Tactical.

Please Note:

  • Launcher is NOT included.


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