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Battle Ready Package #3 Ft. Lancer Tactical Gen3 LT-12Y AEG Airsoft Rifle (Gray)


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Other Details

Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical
Model: LT-12Y
Muzzle Velocity: 380-400 FPS (low power spring included)
Magazine Capacity: 130 rds
Color: Gray
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual, Low Power Spring
Warranty Length: 1 year
Warranty Handler: Lancer Tactical
Upgraded Gen3 Internals
Nylon Polymer Receiver
Redesigned Grip
Flat Trigger
Low Power Spring Included
Low Resistance Wiring
Programmable ETU
6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel
Front & Rear Flip-Up Sight
Redesigned Telescoping Stock
One-Piece Outer Barrel
Quick Change Spring System

The Gen3 Lancer rifles are here, and Airsoft W&W Has you battle ready with this bundle that has almost everything you would like to urge your kit started for this new gun! If you’ve already got batteries and safety gear, this is often the bundle for you! We’re including a five pack of mid-capacity magazines (for a complete of six), a bag of BBs, and a speed loader to leap start your kit and obtain it ready for this new blaster, all with a healthy discount to save lots of you money!

The Gen3 series is an improvement over the gen2 in almost every way, taking the guns we all know and love, and adding even more features and performance to each critical area, plus a couple of changes to the included accessories to form them even more of a tremendous value.

The gearbox has been upgraded with a programmable ETU, or electronic trigger unit, to offer unparalleled trigger response, and permit you to line your firecontrol through a couple of different options. Configuration is straightforward , and directions are included within the box. A metal tooth piston and 18:1 gears function the beating heart of this gearbox, spun by a 19k Motor. The spring guide is quick change, allowing you to swap between the M120 installed from the factory, or the low power spring included with each Gen3. Every gun is wired to a deans plug also for max power transmission to the motor, and better reliability.

The Gen3 still includes the top quality polymer bodies you’re wont to , in several different styles. This model includes a free float handguard with many rail estate for any accessory you’ll ever want to mount. Included within the box is Lancer’s High Speed midcap magazine, perfect for any play style. A rotary soup up (with tight bore barrel), new redesigned grip, and improved stock round out the externals. These improvements will provide you with a easier shooting experience overall.


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