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Condor Outdoor LCS MOLLE Panel (Option)



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Manufacturer: Condor Outdoor

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Upgrade your VANQUISH plate carrier from Condor Outdoor with this LCS MOLLE Panel! It’s the perfect option for keeping a whole fresh loadout just two clips and some velcro away when you need to alter your mission!

Why is this panel a must-have for vanquish owners? Simple.

The LCS MOLLE panel allows you to easily change out the front panel on your vest with a whole new setup. Simply unbuckle the two buckles, and peel it off the velcro! Blank MOLLE panels like this are perfect for building your own customized setups, if the pre-configured options Condor offers did not fit your needs. Easily swap out pouches for different weapon loadouts in seconds, or transition from combat to search and rescue, or even more recreational weighted panels for things like crossfit with ease!


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