Spring Rifle Upgrade Kit

Speed Airsoft M28 Bolt Handle (Option)



Other Details

Manufacturer: Speed Airsoft
Model: M28 Bolt Handle
Color: Choose an Option
Package Includes: One (1) trigger
Precision Engagement
Strong Billet Design
Ergonomic Styling

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The Speed Airsoft M28 Bolt Handle may be a performance upgrade for your precision rifle which will not only look great, but will significantly improve it’s overall performance. These new ergo style bolt handles are designed to be easier than the stock ball style. The SPEED bolt handles enable extended comfort for the sniper, enabling easy pulling of heavy cylinder springs and reducing hand fatigue. The SPEED bolt handles are CNC machined from USA grade billet aluminum, which are lighter and far stronger than the stock cast handles. These SPEED M28 Bolt Handles will fit the Echo1 M28 precision rifle .


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