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WoSporT Tactical One-Point Sling Vest (Camo)



Other Details

Manufacturer: Wosport
Model: Tactical One-Point Sling Vest
Color: Camo
Package Includes: Sling Vest


  • Nylon / Rubber Material
  • Metal Buckle
  • Quick Release Rubber Straps w/ Surface Slips
  • Various Angle Buckle Connections
  • Lightweight

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The WoSporT Tactical One-Point Sling Vest fits comfortably and firmly on the upper body. this technique allows a user to possess a light-weight weight or low profile found out without fear a few plate carrier. There are quick release straps just just in case you would like better access to your gun or if you would like to maneuver without the sling. Combine this vest with a chest rig or battle belt to maneuver along the sector with minimal gear to carry you down.


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