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Action Army 6.01mm Masamune Gas Type 96 Precision Inner Barrel (500mm)



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Manufacturer: Action Army
Color: Silver
Size: 500mm
Material: Brass, Chrome Coated
Package Includes: Inner Barrel

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Action Army Company (AAC) was founded on the year 2010 and is currently located in Taiwan. Originally, Action Army Company focused on creating high performance parts for the gearbox but have expanded on creating CNC external parts. Action Army has the power to CNC machine, die cast, forge, stamp, powder coat, etc. their parts for the foremost durability and consistent excellent appearance. Their goal is to create new products with a way stronger yet lighter material to realize the foremost efficiency from your airsoft gun internally and externally.

Precision inner barrels leave better compression, improved accuracy, and during a few cases increase speed . Although precision barrels often require more maintenance and cleaning, they will give an airsoft gun greater range and improve the general performance. The bore of this barrel is so tight round the BB that even the littlest obstruction within the barrel will cause a jam when fired. This barrel is suggested just for advanced/experienced players that take the responsibility to wash their barrels regularly so as to avoid jams.


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