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Classic Army Scarab SAR-S Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle w/ Mock Suppressor (Black)



Other Details

Manufacturer: Classic Army
Muzzle Velocity: 370-380 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 300rds
Fire Mode: Safe – Semi – Auto
Battery Pack: Not Included
Cylinder Head Type: Double O ring
Piston Head Type: Aluminum
Bushing Size: 9mm
Bushing Type: Bearings
Connector: Deans
Quick Spring Change: Yes

  • Quick Change Spring System
  • Low Resistance Wiring
  • Gen 1 Programmable Electronic Control System (ECS) – 3 / 5-round Burst, Motor Protection, & Low Battery Detection
  • Pre-Installed 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
  • 3 Position Stock
  • Adjustable Charging Handle
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Metal Construction
  • Compact Design

Current Stock:

Classic Army may be a leading manufacturer of Airsoft products, setting standards for the whole industry. This model of the Classic Army Scarab SAR-S will ship directly from the manufacturing center. Additionally, the Classic Army Scarab SAR-S is priced lower since the merchandise is coming from Hong Kong! this is often literally one among the simplest deals on Earth considering the package can ship to any country where its legal. it is time to urge your hands on this affordable deal coming straight out of the factory!

The black Classic Army Scarab may be a full-metal airsoft gun with a powerful array of features. it’s a monolithic rail system with top and bottom Weaver/Picatinny rails and side KeyMod sections. The monolithic profile of the rail system gives you many rail land to decorate with optics, lights, lasers, forward grips and more, so you’ll customize this gun to your particular mode of play.

The adjustable stock are often set into three positions or faraway from the body of the airsoft gun if you’re trying to find added portability and mobility. The ambidextrous charging handle, fire selector and magazine release are great for versatility, and make this gun an honest choice for all-around use. The gun also comes with flip-up front and rear sights and an ergonomic grip.

Internally, the Scarab has an electronic trigger unit, 6.03mm tight-bore barrel, silver low-resistance trigger wiring and a quick-change spring system. The quick-change spring system allows for fast and straightforward spring changes without having to travel into the gearbox.

The design of the Classic Army Scarab provides a really crisp trigger pull, bringing users satisfaction with every shot. The Scarab SAR is a perfect close-quarters rifle. With its shorter barrel and collapsible stock, you’ll get the littlest profile and move in and out of buildings tons faster. A programmable trigger allows you to urge off those short bursts which will be so effective with this surprisingly accurate gun


Please Note:

  • Battery and charger are NOT included.
  • The product will ship straight from the factory in Hong Kong.
  • No warranty will be provided. However, spare parts are included for future maintenance.
  • Please expect longer delivery time depending on the country the item is being shipped towards.
  • The customer is responsible for any policies, duty, and taxes that may apply for having the airsoft rifle enter their country.


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