FALCON IPSC WA SV Quick Shoot Holster Belt Mounted (Black)



Other Details

Manufacturer: Falcon
Model: IPSC Quick Shoot Holster
Color: Black
Package Includes: One (1) Holster


  • CNC Aluminum
  • Adjustable Height and Distance
  • Quick Release
  • High Speed Setup

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The Falcon Company was established within the year 1977; however, it wasn’t until the year 2001 that the corporation began developing products for airsoft. The name Falcon was created after the company’s I.P.S.C. Team called Chan Chun. Falcon Products are more symbolic for the I.P.S.C. fast draw set of guns. Falcon products are employed by multiple I.P.S.C teams in several countries demanding the foremost performance from their airsoft gun.

The Falcon IPSC Quick Shoot Holster may be a perfect tool for the shooter who expects the only our of the gear. Where speed is as an essence. The IPSC Quick Shoot Holster is adjustable for every shooter. From the height placement of the shooter’s waist, the space from the shooter’s side, and thus the angle of the gun is adjustable. the discharge mechanism is certainly accessible. Constructed out of CNC Aluminum, the durability and performance of this holster are outstanding. The IPSC Quick Holster may be a crucial tool, especially if every second counts. This Holster comes during a black finish.


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