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VISM Shoulder Sling Utility Bag (Option)



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Manufacturer: VISM
Model: Shoulder Sling Utility Bag
Dimensions: 11.0”H X 8.0”W X 5.25”D
Color: Choose an Option
Package Includes: Bag


  • Quick Access CCW Compartment
  • Multiple Shouldering Options
  • Neoprene Hand Strap
  • Hook Fastener Patch Area
  • PALs Webbing

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The urban warrior needs a solid thanks to store their stuff. This VISM Shoulder sling utility bag is that the ultimate option for straightforward access load bearing. Featuring MOLLE Webbing, hook and loop, and a number of other zippered compartments, you’ve got a bevy of options at your fingertips to store your items, identify yourself, and add additional storage.


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