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Modify Spiral Fluted Sniper Cylinder for Mod24



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Modify-Tech specializes in precision metal parts, turning industry tools and precision machine attachments such as Airsoft Custom Parts, R/C Car Upgrade Parts and more. With more than 40 years experience in the industry, their products reputation rates highly for quality and value. The spirit of innovation, experience and comprehensive know-how of its employees, have driven Modify-Tech to provide appropriate products to meet the market needs. Sophisticated testing and quality control procedures are carried out at every stage of the process, from the moment a new design leaves the drawing through to final quality certification, Modify-Tech offers extremely competitive and diverse products, and can offer clients perfection and expert service, combined with the best value.
The Modify Spiral Fluted Sniper Cylinder for Mod24 allows for better flow and seal within your airsoft sniper rifle. The reinforced design is built to last and sustain power over heavy usage. Modify is the same manufacture that creates the parts for the SSG24 famously used by many players and airsoft personalities. Build your airsoft rifle with high quality Modify parts to have a high performing sniper for the fraction of the price!


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