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OPSMEN Tactical Earmor Noise Reduction Ear Plugs (Orange)



Other Details

Manufacturer: OPSMEN Tactical
Model: Earmor Noise Reduction Ear Plugs


  • Molded With Low Pressure, Slow Release Comfort Foam
  • Fully Skinned And Tapered
  • Uncorded For Versatile Use
  • Washsable Construction For Multiple Uses

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The OPSMEN Tactical Earmor Ear Plugs are great for users looking to guard the user from the loud noises of their surrounding environment, like gunfire, construction, explosions, and albeit you would like to sleep! the froth is molded with low, slow-release foam for extra comfort and fitment for the user. These are often washed also so as to be reused again and again! So devour some earplugs, and block out the unpleasantness of loud sounds.


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