Ballistic Shooting Glasses & Hearing Protection

Echo 1 Shooting Glasses (Clear)



Other Details

Manufacturer: Echo 1
Model: Shooting Glasses
Color: Clear
Package Includes: One (1) pair of shooting glasses


  • Comfortable design
  • Clear lenses
  • Protects eyes
  • Affordable

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Eye protection is arguably one of the foremost important pieces of airsoft safety equipment a player can have. Full face protection is clearly the safest, but at the bare minimum, a player must be wearing shooting glasses to guard their eyes. The Echo 1 Shooting Glasses are an ideal example. they’re affordable, comfortable, and can protect your eyes from stray bb’s and even parts like springs when you’re performing on your airsoft gun. you simply get one set of eyes to figure with, so make certain and protect them with the Echo 1 Shooting Glasses.



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